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RSIMMO is your ideal partner for the purchase, sale or rental of all forms of property. From condominium apartments through to luxury villas, from commercial property to investment opportunities – we bring the right people together.

We specialise in the area of Merano and the Valle dell’Adige, Bressanone and the Valle Isarco, Bolzano and surrounding area and the Oltradige down to the Bassa Atesina in the southern reaches of South Tyrol.

We are deeply rooted in this area and know exactly what people are looking for. As such, we are ideally positioned to find the ideal purchaser for your property and, vice-versa, to find exactly the property you are looking for.


RSIMMO are at your side every step of the way to deal with all aspects of property purchase and sale. From bureaucratic and paperwork requirements, and from the first meeting through to the signing of the contract, you can rely on us for honest advice and all-round support.

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Primary residence, summer residence or holiday ...
in 39040 Truden
Purchase price 135.000 €
Hälfte eines Bauernhauses im Dorfzentrum für Liebhaber. Die Immobilie wurde stets für die Sommermonate benützt. Ca. 50 Quadratmeter Nettowohnfläche verteilen sich im ersten Obergeschoss auf ...


We carry out a rough estimation to provide you with an approximate property value quickly and easily. This service is free of charge, and will be of immense help for your future decisions.

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owner and real estate agent
Robert Theodor Dösel
Tel.: +39 471 978 830

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